Why Are Password Managers Useful

Why Are Password Managers UsefulBERLIN Many may hardly think it possible, but on average every German internet user has 78 online accounts. Eac
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In particular, the unsuspecting or the unteachable use one and the same password regardless of loss. It can hardly be more careless and careless, because if an account is hacked successfully, all other accounts are also affected. Another problem is simply that password allocation is still not taken seriously enough overall.
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At least many operators have reacted to this problem of their own accord and are asking users to create secure passwords. But when that has finally happened successfully, where should this flood of passwords go? In this test , all the important information and comparisons are with respect of password managers.

Passwords have gotten more complicated

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While in the past a simple “treasure” or simply “password” was completely sufficient, thanks to the efforts of the account operators some things have changed. First of all, certain conditions must be met in order for a selected password to be accepted at all. For a secure password is you are asked to integrate both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as at least one special character and number in the new password. This is often a rather annoying and exhausting process for the user, but it definitely contributes to security on the Internet.

What to do with the complicated password?

Passwords of this kind can only seldom be retrieved with the help of mental donkey bridges , and certainly not when you think of the multitude of different passwords. So these passwords have to be noted and assigned to the corresponding account. If you have not carefully documented your own passwords, you will be forced to regenerate them, which is associated with a considerable expenditure of time each time.
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Just as there is a solution for every problem, there is also a perfect and, above all, secure solution for the chaos surrounding passwords. And that’s called: a password manager.

This is what a password manager offers

A password manager is software that manages passwords. The best way to think of a password manager is like a digital safe. Just like in a real safe, every single password is stored here.
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Of course, the password can be accessed again at any time, just like you can find objects in a real safe. There is a master password for this password manager, or also for this safe. From now on this is the only password that you have to remember. The basic requirement here, of course, or especially here, is that it is a password that meets all security criteria.

Strictly speaking, a password manager is much more than just a secure repository, i.e. a safe. There are variants that automatically create secure passwords and save them in the safe. This is possible if a browser plug-in is installed, which then connects the browser and the password manager with one another. If a new account is now created, the password manager automatically generates a secure password.

This is how password management works

The password management is responsible for storing the passwords in a central location. But that is not the only function, because it also shows which account the respective password belongs to. Depending on the choice of password manager, functions are also available that present the passwords in a particularly user-friendly manner. An overview is displayed here, which is sorted by the account providers with the associated e-mail address.

This is not only practical, but also very important, because an account is usually always registered with a combination of password and email address. This function is extremely important if you do not always work with the same e-mail address.

The passwords are in very good hands here, although there is also a residual risk that hackers will try to get to the passwords. But it is precisely the large providers of password managers that use complex security architectures. If someone unauthorized tries to get access to the passwords, a warning will be sent immediately.

Password managers also offer another feature. This is the automatic input function. Although the passwords are in a certain place, the safe, so to speak, that doesn’t mean that you have to access this place every time. There are tools here that automatically insert the passwords into the corresponding login mask as soon as you want to log into the corresponding account.

The online and offline solution

There are basically two different variants of password managers to choose from. Either you opt for the offline variant, then the passwords are saved directly on your own PC. The situation is different with the online solutions, because here the passwords are in a cloud.

Each of the two variants has its advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage of the online version is that you can access the passwords from anywhere. However, there is also a certain risk of becoming a victim of a hacker attack.

With the offline version, the security factor is a little higher overall, although it should not be forgotten that your own PC can also be hacked. With this variant, however, you have the disadvantage that you only have stationary access to your passwords.

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